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Welcome to 3RD SPACE - Your Third Place in the Heart of Mont Kiara

The theory of a third place, as introduced by Ray Oldenburg in 1991, is an important step to achieving work-life balance. This is a location that brings together communities, regardless of background to communicate, reflect, and foster personal as well as professional growth.

While this third place is personal to each individual and changes in terms of how it looks according to each person, the one common factor each locale has is that it should serve as a harmonious intersection between their personal and professional lives. The 3RD SPACE was developed with the intention to enhance a person’s work-life balance, offering dining establishments, common areas, event spaces, and various facilities that are geared towards helping everyone find their third place.

At Temu Kiara for instance, those seeking a casual place to meet friends and acquaintances will feel right at home at this street-facing location that showcases a lively atmosphere and provides various dining and coffee experiences for all. Temu Kiara embodies the Malaysian sense of community and encourages patrons to mingle and chat.

For the Malaysian that needs their time away from the office but still prefers to do business, 3RD SPACE has DiploMET, a new business hub that is designed for collaborative meetings and offers a formal setting for first-time introductions to new partners. It will offer concierge services and gastronomical experiences that are sure to impress the most discerning of professionals.

Being in a third place does not necessitate being alone, which is why 3RD SPACE also has Akaria, a location that invites you to host amazing events in an environment that inspires awe in every guest. Akaria is home to the Glass Box, a venue that has unparalleled views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. Perfect for productive discussions, brainstorming, networking events, in this 3RD SPACE, the ever-professional individual can host a successful event with ease. Akaria also features delectable dining options and a sophisticated business lounge for everyone to converge for various experiences.

The effects of a personal and professional development on the mental wellbeing of a person cannot be understated, and it is this fact that gives life to another location at the 3RD SPACE, Tirangkai. Designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul, facilities at Tirangkai, which will include co-working spaces and wellness areas, will be geared towards encouraging productivity and work-life balance for every Malaysian.

Ultimately, we are all looking for a place that also allows us to connect with others, build our communities, and have memorable experiences. This is where Lagenda, a space for connections and views, comes in. At this location, visitors can immerse themselves in 360-degree views of Kuala Lumpur while dining on delicious food while catching up with friends, acquaintances, and loved ones.

Ray Oldenburg imagined the third place to be somewhere that serves as a middle point between a person’s work and a person’s life; at the 3RD SPACE, each location is designed to fit anyone and everyone’s vision of what their third place should look like.

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