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The Many Versions of Third Places

A person’s third place is as personal to them as their favourite cup of coffee or tea. What everyone’s ideal location has in common is that it is a place that offers comfort, a time to connect with others and ourselves, as well as a chance to rejuvenate our minds and bodies as we go about our daily routines.

It’s also important to note that for each individual the time that a third place is visited differs too. For those with a rigid 9 to 5 schedule, this third place is likely a locale to retreat to once the day is over; as noted by GPS giant TomTom, the average Malaysian spent 159 hours on the road in 2022, 75 hours of which were attributed to traffic jams. This means that many of us require a third place to go to before facing the roads.

On the other hand, for Malaysians who have been fortunate to continue a work-from-home schedule or are only required in the office on certain days, a third place may represent somewhere that is definitively not our home nor our work place. Recent surveys by a number of different companies have pointed to Malaysians advocating for a work-from-home schedule to continue, or at the very least for a hybrid schedule to be put into place: Cisco found in 2022 that time away from the office has improved the work-life balance of 79% of employees compared to the regional average of 81%.

Aside from our work schedules, other factors that impact what a third place looks like to each of us includes food preferences, hobbies, and even our level of comfort when it comes to socialising. When identified correctly, we are able to use this third place to do what makes us happy.

Here are some examples of common third places people have:


Far from just being a place we go to shop, malls serve as some Malaysians’ third place. The idea of being able to browse and buy new clothes, devices, and even groceries has the appeal of being a de-stressor after a long day at the office. The various F&B outlets that are usually available at this location also stand in as somewhere we can go to chat with friends and family.

Fitness Centre

For those with an active lifestyle, there’s no better way to slough off the strains of the day than by going to the gym. Whether being immersed in a yoga class is your thing or simply running on the treadmill for half an hour, there is a lot of merit in working out. Gyms and fitness classes also have their place for being locations where people can connect with each other and find common interests.

Coffee Shop

These days, your average coffee shop comes equipped with all the equipment you need to keep working from a location that is not a sterile office. This includes WIFI, plug points and some cafes have even gone above and beyond to provide their patrons with private booths. The chatter and clatter of a coffee shop appeals to many Malaysians who are seeking background noise that does not interfere with what tasks they have on hand. Additionally, coffee shops also serve as good meeting points when people are just becoming acquainted, or when you and your teammates need somewhere to discuss the various happenings of the day.

Co-working Space

While some might not see a co-working space as a third place, it can indeed serve as one because of the variety of amenities and facilities it provides. From private booths to common canteens and even concierge services, co-working spaces today have gone beyond just being somewhere to rent a desk for a few hours. For some, the social aspect of a co-working space is also valuable, as you have the chance to connect with fellow patrons and get a glimpse of their profession and their interests.

Whether or not your third place fits into the described ones above, the fact remains that oftentimes the commute to these places is not easy. As such, wouldn’t it be better to have one location that caters to everyone’s third place?

This is where 3RD SPACE comes in, offering a variety of facilities and different types of places that are meant to meet the needs of everyone seeking a third place. Each element of 3RD SPACE has a different purpose: casual hangouts at Temu Kiara, business affairs at DiploMET, day-to-night experiences at Akaria, personal and professional development at Tirangkai, and celebrating life’s special moments at Lagenda.

As mentioned earlier, the idea of a third place is highly subjective to each person, but by resetting our priorities and truly taking the time to think about what constitutes our third place, we will find somewhere at the 3RD SPACE that embodies what we are looking for.

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