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The 3rd Space

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The workplace of today has completely evolved from the traditional office space to one that provides businesses and employees with tools and amenities that are reminiscent of the comforts of home. For Triterra, it is important that The MET Corporate Towers not only become the hardware for businesses to operate, but it must also be a location that brings the community together and thrive in the development.

To really hone into this principle, Triterra presents the 3rd Space.

According to Christopher Lim, the CEO of Triterra, the first place is your home, the second place is your workplace, and the 3rd Space is where communities meet, connect and bring their life experiences and celebrations to be shared with each other. The creation of the 3rd Space will give The MET Corporate Towers a soul and add life by providing concepts and spaces for a balanced lifestyle and filling the space between our corporate and personal life.

The 3rd Space is envisioned to offer a holistic offering for three family generations within the corporate office and the surrounding Mont Kiara community. The 3rd Space will bring to life The MET’s “New Business Class” by redefining retail within the epicentre of community, business and culture that is rooted in Malaysian hospitality.

Stay tuned as we continue to unveil the 3rd Space at The MET Corporate Towers.

For more information, contact 016 360 0828

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