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Step into Temu Kiara and DiploMET

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

At 3RD SPACE, we understand the importance of creating a space that bridges the gap between personal and professional lives. Temu Kiara, one of our five unique locations, embodies this philosophy in a new and exciting way.

Temu Kiara is a street-front space designed to celebrate Mont Kiara's local and international communities. The name itself reflects the space's intention to facilitate meaningful connections, with "Temu" and "Kiara'' coming together to create a purposeful design. The space is represented by the Wau, a traditional Malaysian kite. This symbol represents Malaysia's rich cultural heritage and embodies the spirit of community.

But Temu Kiara is more than just a beautiful space – it offers top-notch business facilities and landscaped outdoor areas that support productivity, collaboration, and creativity. Whether you need a space to get work done or to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, Temu Kiara has got you covered.

What makes Temu Kiara truly unique, however, is its curated alfresco food concepts. Beyond just offering a meal, these concepts are a carefully crafted experience designed to help you recharge and connect with others. Led by Belle Nor, Head of Business Management, upcoming cafes and restaurants promise a new smart casual dining experience like never before.

With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Temu Kiara is the perfect meeting place for our open Malaysian society. It's the foundation for something truly incredible, and we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself.

3RD SPACE is a workspace provider that caters to all types of business demands. Whether you're seeking a vibrant, community-driven space or a more refined and sophisticated location, there’s something for what you need. One such refined location is DiploMET, the new business hub that promises to awe you with its grand yet purposeful environment.

Richard Khoo, Chief Marketing Officer, takes you on a tour of the DiploMET’s grand dropoff lobby with its bespoke architecture. The space’s majestic grandeur resembles that of the hornbill, Malaysia’s national bird.

DiploMET is a hub for the new business class, with concierge services and fine gastronomical experiences. Despite its refined atmosphere, it still embodies the 3RD SPACE philosophy of facilitating meaningful connections and encouraging productivity and creativity in the workplace.

And that's not all - there are more exciting locations to come. Stay tuned to learn more about Akaria, Tirangkai, and Lagenda. With a commitment to the art of business, you'll be in good hands at any of 3RD SPACE's five locations.

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