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Running and Dancing to De-Stress with Nathan Archie

An active lifestyle can also be a third space, as is the case with Nathan Archie who is based in Sydney, Australia. Nathan is the General Manager (ANZSEA) at Wix, and through his experience as a leader, aims to foster a great working culture that empowers ownership, accountability, and success, all while having some fun. This personal philosophy is then carried into his own life away from the office; Nathan is an avid runner and has taken part in several marathons as well as Sydney’s annual City2Surf road race, which takes runners from the city’s central business district (CBD) to Bondi Beach. Additionally, Nathan often spends time with friends out on the town, during which he continues his active streak by dancing the night away.

Constantly being on the move is a great way for a body to destress, and having a physical activity such as running as a third space means that a person can strive for better while also maintaining a keen focus on their goals in life. Nathan’s love for dance is a part of his third space, as the activity allows him to express himself and have fun with the people in his life that matter the most.

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