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Rejuvenate at Tirangkai

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

In addition to providing a premium selection of dining and event venues at Temu Kiara, DiploMET, and Akaria, 3RD SPACE also extends holistic offerings at Tirangkai that include amenities like a gym, spa, and other health facilities to encourage productivity and a balanced lifestyle among the business community.

Tirangkai, the heart of three generations and the essence of 3RD SPACE, is symbolised by the hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower. In keeping with 3RD SPACE's objective to provide an inviting environment that promotes spiritual and physical wellness for the emerging business community, the red of the flower petals symbolises the courage and way of life of the Malaysian people. Tirangkai is the place where one can develop their mind, body, and spirit, much like a hibiscus in bloom.

The name Tirangkai was inspired by the idea of the trilogy of life: to work, share, and connect via a holistic and healthy lifestyle. It is taken from the phrase "tiga serangkai," which means a series of three. Tirangkai, built with places for physical, emotional, and mental health wellness and is dedicated to the well-being of communities around The MET, Kuala Lumpur and beyond, reflects three generations. According to Allison Koon, our Development Executive, "It is definitely a place where you can reset and rejuvenate."

Tirangkai is just one level above Akaria at level 10, an elevated floor with a beautiful view of the city skyline, the Malaysiana food hall, and exquisite greeneries with energising vitality, connected by a flight of stairs.

The concept of 3RD SPACE as the place where our personal and professional lives meet is enhanced by the incorporation of a designated space for wellness areas in the workplace. You may enjoy various locations for business, community, food, and wellness areas in one central hub.

At the forefront of this is 3RD SPACE's Tirangkai. Businesses looking for a polished, effective work atmosphere with first-rate amenities can benefit from several advantages offered by these formal and business-oriented settings. These facilities, which are situated in Kuala Lumpur’s expanding international business and trade district, are created to meet the requirements of contemporary business lives.

3RD SPACE is currently in its last stages of touch-ups before the venues’ launch, and we're thrilled to welcome the community and experience the flair of these innovative spaces inspired by the Malaysian culture of hospitality.

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