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Presenting “The New Business Class” in the KL Metropolis

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

A three-generational company, Triterra seeks to curate concepts and developments for the community.

The name Triterra is an amalgamation of the word “tri” signifying their three-generational values: stewardship, relevance and sustainability; and “terra” which is Earth in Latin. As a whole, the Triterra name represents their philosophy of impacting the community through real estate and creating a development that is right for the community.

In the KL Metropolis, Triterra will turn aspiration into a statement with The MET Corporate Towers, the first Grade A stratified corporate office towers with world-class business facilities. With Triterra’s three-generational values being the guiding principle, The MET will be differentiated from other developments. Chris Lim, the CEO of Triterra says, “with The MET, it is about future-proofing. The MET will not only be what the business community needs to propel their business to the next level in the region and globally, but it will also have features that are functional for the Mont Kiara community.”

In doing so Triterra is introducing the 3rd Space at The MET. For Chris, an X factor is necessary to allow the development to fulfil its potential as real estate is a function of community.

The 3rd Space is the engine for growth and bringing communities together to fulfil Triterra’s vision: developing for communities, setting the benchmark and standard, and more importantly bringing the community together at one place.

Stay tuned as we continue to unveil the 3rd Space at The MET Corporate Towers.

For more information, contact 016 360 0828.

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