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Mont Kiara - Where Living Life Out Loud is Just a Walk Away

Nestled between green hills and sitting next to sprawling urbanscapes, Mont Kiara has emerged as one of the trendiest and most convenient locations to call home in the Klang Valley. With a varied range of places that offer the space to do a slew of different activities, this is one neighbourhood that is truly where you can live life to the fullest.

However, Mont Kiara is also all about accessibility. The different amenities available in the area meet the demands of everyone’s daily routine. In fact, the people of Mont Kiara simply agree that everything that they could need (from clothes to food, DIY goods to IT gear), and all that they need to do (like working remotely, hiking, and socialising) are located conveniently close by to their homes, which is what makes living here such an easy choice.

Assuredly, this benefit comes down to the careful planning of the area’s property developers, companies that have taken into account how densely populated Mont Kiara is (with 62 condominiums listed so far), and created retail hubs that go beyond simply providing somewhere to shop. Many of these central spots designate different floors for different activities, including shopping, eating, health and beauty services, as well as fitness facilities.

Let’s take for instance grocery shopping, which is typically a super mundane task for people. In Mont Kiara you’ll actually find it enjoyable, thanks to the different types of stores in the area that make it easy to tackle a long grocery list or simply grab-and-go as your day unfolds. There’s even a range of supermarkets depending on what you need and can afford, from more expensive organic-driven supermarkets, to convenience stores and specialty grocers.

When it comes to that all-important activity of dining out, you’ll find a range of options available; visit the large malls in the area for fast-food options or popular local restaurants, or support small

businesses by checking out standalone and independent food spots and coffee shops. Simply put, it just makes the usually agonising decision of where to eat (whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner) a simple one. What’s even better is that most of these places are a quick drive or even a leisurely stroll from most condominiums and houses. As a result, most Mont Kiara residents love eating out, with some even opting to make it a habit 5 to 6 times a week.

And just like with groceries, the neighbourhood’s restaurants offer different price points to customers. Upscale dining establishments for a fancy night out sit alongside more budget-friendly and chill locales. You’re also surely spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisine, as there are places that serve everything from local traditional dishes to international cuisine that are designed to make a foodie’s dining out dreams come true.

While the great dining and shopping scene are two very strong points for deciding to make a move to Mont Kiara, it’s also just an attractive and desirable place to be. Weekends see the area’s streets peppered with people going about their day, shopping, eating out, or just meeting friends. Current neighbourhood residents also simply feel that on their downtime, they’d prefer to stay in Mont Kiara because it means not having to drive elsewhere. Plus, there’s always a perfect spot for whatever they need to do, be it a chill and quiet cafe for business meetings or a bustling and well-lit restaurant for getting together with family. This location’s direct access to other popular parts of the Klang Valley also make it a wonderful bet when it comes to deciding where everyone should meet to catch up.

Thus, choosing to reside in Mont Kiara truly benefits everyone; the availability of convenient amenities such as good food, supermarkets, gyms, spas, and working spaces, as well as its growing list of new hubs to eat, dine, and relax at make it the perfect place to live life out loud.

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