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Mont Kiara - A Central and Truly Liveable Community With More to Come

While the definition of a liveable community is subjective to everyone, we as a society have been able to pinpoint a few key factors that make a location like Mont Kiara a great example of this type of neighbourhood. According to AARP, aside from the area being safe and secure, liveable communities should be able to serve people from all walks of life. Additionally, the amenities available should help residents to gain personal independence and remain in their homes for the rest of their natural lives, as well as give them the ability to have a well-rounded life.

In essence, Mont Kiara – both as a neighbourhood and as a community – offers these benefits in spades to its inhabitants. Centrally located and connected to major highways such as the DUKE, SPRINT and Penchala Link, this is a vibrant spot in the Klang Valley that attracts both people and businesses from a number of different backgrounds; whether they’re a retiree, a working professional, or a young person, everyone has found it to be an ideal place to call home. As for shops and other businesses, visitors to the area will find a thriving scene, with major clothing brands, fast food chains, and restaurants that have unique concepts and niche cuisines all having established one or two shops in Mont Kiara. It’s also an ideal space for working and enjoying downtime with a few famous coworking enclaves and wellness hotspots dotted throughout the neighbourhood.

When you speak to a resident living in the area, Mont Kiara’s well-connected roads and its many amenities will often come up in the conversation. Regardless of whether they’ve lived in the area for 13 years or just for 2 months, each person has found shops, restaurants, cafés, or exercise hubs that fit their needs – and as an added bonus – most of these places are just a few minutes walk from their homes. Furthermore, when they do decide to walk, it’s a safe thing to do, thanks to the neighbourhood police station located right on Jalan Kiara, as well as the many footpaths, sidewalks, and well-maintained streetlights that make it easy to take a stroll even after dark.

Last but certainly not least, is the fact that there’s simply so much to do in Mont Kiara, and there’s always something new around the corner, too. For instance, fitness enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the number of ways to work out, with major gym chains such as Anytime Fitness, boutique gyms like TRIBE Boxing, and fitness centres such as FlyProject, all providing a range of experiences; when dining out, Japanese cuisine aficionados will revel in the opportunity to try a different element of this popular cuisine on a nightly basis, from ramen to barbecue, sashimi to teppanyaki.

Thanks to this variety of amenities, Mont Kiara has become one of the best and most exhilarating places to live in Malaysia, and it’ll have even more to offer residents in the near future. While many people agree that most of what they need to live life fully is already available, many are also open to having a place that could meet all of their working, shopping, dining and wellness needs; basically, a hub that can grow to become their go-to spot that will also help to decongest the most crowded parts of Mont Kiara’s streets and one that could also become a wonderful third space for everyone.

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