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Lagenda: A Space for Connection & Views

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Lagenda, which translates to "legend" in Malay, exudes joy with incredible characteristics that highlight the glories of 3RD SPACE. The space provides a superb 360° view of the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan skyline and is located on level 40 of The MET, 235 metres above sea level. Business meetings held at Lagenda benefit from having the backdrop of nearby landmarks like MATRADE and MITI as 3RD SPACE is situated in the country's trade and business capital.

Like-minded people may congregate, network, and discuss ideas at Lagenda while savouring delectable cuisine. We can promote the expansion of businesses and contribute to the creation of a stronger community by establishing these ties. Lagenda is the ideal location, whether you're searching for somewhere to host your next business meeting or a quiet meal with friends. "This is a place where you can celebrate any occasion and dedicate time with friends and loved ones," says Belle Nor, Head of Business Management.

In keeping with our objective to establish a brand-new hub of community, business, and culture that is grounded in Malaysian hospitality, we are developing a location that serves amazing food and promotes social interaction among the corporate community.

These eating areas are made to offer an exceptional dining experience. You'll be greeted with a warm atmosphere as soon as you enter, which will enhance your dining experience. In addition, 3RD SPACE is dedicated to developing spaces that are more than just restaurants since we recognize the value of fostering relationships within the corporate community.

Lagenda will be home to three of Kuala Lumpur's newest restaurant concepts, Mont Kiara Club, MET X Restaurant, and Visionair Restaurant. These eateries serve a variety of delicacies that are sure to please your senses, making Lagenda the perfect peak to capture all of life's events and celebrations.

Workplace social connections have a favourable impact on productivity and confidence. When people feel linked to one another, they are more likely to engage in effective communication, collaboration, and idea sharing. Creating possibilities for interaction and connection-building fosters a more efficient work culture, therefore investing in social interactions is worthwhile for a more productive and engaged team.

3RD SPACE takes special care to ensure that business connections preserve as much spontaneity and natural flow as possible. As a result, Lagenda was created.

Lagenda is inspired by Mount Kinabalu, the third-highest mountain in the world and a source of national pride for Malaysia. Mount Kinabalu serves as the centrepiece of The MET.

Be a part of something special - a dynamic and welcoming location where food, business, and community coexist harmoniously. The journey from DiploMET to Temu Kiara, Akaria, Tirangkai, and Lagenda will fill you with feelings of anticipation, excitement, and joy.

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