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Hiking to Find Time for Rest and Relaxation with Anwar Rahiman

One great fact about the concept of a third space is that it is an idea that is open to interpretation. For Anwar Rahiman, the ideal third space is a location where he can be found hiking to catch the sunrise. As the Country Manager at Synapsys Digital – a French digital marketing company based in Malaysia – Anwar spends much of his weekdays traveling to and from work, while his evenings are spent taking care of and spending time with his wife and two kids. Although Synapsys currently operates out of co-working space Common Ground (which is arguably also a third space by definition), for Anwar the true meaning of this concept is that it provides a person time to be by themselves, collect their thoughts, and enjoy their life. In his words: “My third space is being on top of a mountain or a small hill, especially before the sun rises.”

Anwar’s interpretation of a third space just goes to show that this location can be anywhere and involve any kind of activity with the express aim of giving the body and soul a place to rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate. Thus, hiking and watching the sunrise is a great third space, and in a country like Malaysia, which is abundant with green hills and mountains perfect for watching the sunrise, there’s plenty of third spaces to choose from.

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