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Escaping to the World of Cinema with Joshua Ng

The concept of a third space is not confined to one set of people or the type of work they do. For creatives, a third space not only serves as a location to take some time out for themselves but can also foster ideas and storylines for their next project. Joshua Ng is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of video production company Billions Studio and co-founded a movie podcast channel called Long Live Cinema. In his world, movies, and gaming rule the day, and when he’s not in the studio, Joshua heads to his third space – the cinema. He prefers watching films in the theatre because there’s less distraction from the outside world, and because it offers a premium viewing experience, thanks to the size of the screen, the colours, and the audio. Additionally, Joshua knows that by paying for a ticket to the cinema, he is supporting fellow filmmakers, and often talks about the movies he’s watched on his podcast.

While some may see the cinema as an unconventional third space, the fact of the matter is that it offers a person a few hours alone to contemplate the art and the storyline behind every film and gives them an escape from a stringent daily routine.

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