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Curating the Right Tenant Mix

3RD SPACE's approach of integrating retail within an office environment highlights the importance of a well-curated mix of tenants. Tenant mix, which refers to the deliberate selection of retailers within a commercial property, plays a pivotal role in creating a diverse and engaging retail experience. Recognising this, 3RD SPACE underwent a careful process of selecting its tenants to redefine their retail landscape.

The right mix of tenants has a significant impact on the success of those tenants. As 3RD SPACE is designed to enhance work-life balance, the choice of retailers had to serve that purpose and complement one another.

Limited availability of retail lots within The MET Corporate Towers required Triterra and their retail services consultant, Savills Malaysia, to be meticulous in curating the tenants. The goal behind which retailers were chosen is to create retail in an office environment that would entice tenants to stay back past office hours or even visit during the weekends. This has led to 3RD SPACE offering a diverse array of dining options, event spaces and development facilities.

To shape the concept of 3RD SPACE and bring the vision behind it to life, collaboration was essential. Savills Malaysia worked closely with retailers and sought out existing operators to create new and exclusive concepts. Both the retailers and retail services team needed to strategise these fresh concepts so as to align with the 3RD SPACE brand ethos. This collaborative effort resulted in a collection of tailored retail experiences, distinguishing 3RD SPACE from conventional shopping malls.

By strategically selecting retailers that resonate with a target audience seeking holistic offerings for their lifestyles, 3RD SPACE caters to the diverse needs and preferences of office tenants and visitors alike. This approach fosters a sense of community within the office environment, enhancing the overall work-life experience.

Beyond its remarkable retail offerings, the appeal of 3RD SPACE lies in community-building within the office environment. By seamlessly integrating retail, work, and leisure, 3RD SPACE becomes a hub where office tenants can unwind, socialise, and explore diverse retail experiences, further enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

A proper tenant mix is instrumental in a retail project. It is essential for success, ensuring that the retail offerings resonate with the target audience while creating a vibrant community within the office environment. Moreover, a well-curated mix of tenants establishes a unique identity for the property.

At 3RD SPACE, the deliberate curation of the tenant mix contributes to its mission of redefining the retail experience, seamlessly blending work and leisure in an engaging and immersive environment.

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