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An Exciting Location

3RD SPACE transcends the traditional retail experience by bringing together social activities and workspaces. Designed to create a harmonious intersection of personal and professional lives, 3RD SPACE is strategically located in Mont Kiara, a vibrant suburb of Kuala Lumpur. Nestled within the esteemed KL Metropolis development, Mont Kiara is known for its diverse expatriate community and array of residential, commercial, and retail developments.

Location is the first and foremost concern for retail projects as it plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. 3RD SPACE’s setting in Mont Kiara is ideal for retailers as it caters to the international and local communities within the suburb alongside The MET Corporate Towers’ occupants. The right location also impacts the compatibility of 3RD SPACE’s concept and Mont Kiara’s diverse demographics.

Residents of Mont Kiara are drawn to the comfortable and convenient living experience offered by the gated communities, shopping malls, and office complexes. This comprehensive range of amenities and facilities aligns with the needs of residents, making Mont Kiara an attractive location for individuals seeking a well-rounded lifestyle.

3RD SPACE reflects this need through its various offerings. Developed with the intention to enhance work-life balance, the concept features a variety of casual and premium dining options, common areas, event space

s and facilities to foster personal and professional development throughout its five elements. For example, Temu Kiara is the ideal space for placemaking and casual hangouts, Akaria allows for day-to-night activities, and Lagenda is where life’s special moments are celebrated with friends and family. Thus, 3RD SPACE is well-situated in Mont Kiara as it complements the residents’ needs and lifestyles.

Other than compatibility of the retail concept with surrounding demographics, location is also an important factor for patrons when considering the accessibility to 3RD SPACE. As a prime location within a thriving business district, Mont Kiara offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility courtesy of major expressways. The connectivity within KL Metropolis enhances the overall experience for those visiting 3RD SPACE; trips to 3RD SPACE are easily integrated into daily routines.

Mont Kiara’s diverse communities and easy accessibility are key selling points to 3RD SPACE’s strategic positioning in the suburb. The demographic encompasses various nationalities, ages and income groups, therefore situating the retail concept in Mont Kiara will elevate public perception of 3RD SPACE.

3RD SPACE offers more than just a place for shopping. It is an experiential environment developed to enrich our professional lives. The five elements are designed to encourage visitors to stay past working hours and engage beyond mere transactions. As 3RD SPACE continues to redefine the retail landscape, it exemplifies the importance of strategic location and immersive experiences in attracting and connecting with customers.

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