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Our Components

Each component within 3rd Space represents a story. Each icon developed has been used to symbolise each component. 

The concept of "3rd Space" is an innovative approach to retail that blends community, business, and culture into one dynamic and interactive experience. Each component within 3rd Space represents a unique story, and to bring these stories to life, a set of iconic symbols have been developed. These symbols serve as visual representations of the different components of 3rd Space, and they help to convey the essence and meaning behind each component. The icons not only add a touch of creativity and personality to the space, but they also serve a functional purpose by helping visitors navigate and understand the various components of the retail experience. The use of these symbols creates a strong visual identity for 3rd Space and adds to the overall cohesive and immersive experience for visitors. By incorporating storytelling and visual representations into the design, 3rd Space is transformed into a place of discovery and inspiration, where visitors can learn, connect, and engage with the world around them.



Temu Kiara originates from the convergence of the word Temu and Kiara. Temu Kiara pays homage to the local and international communities in Mont Kiara, a space purposefully designed for meaningful connections. Mingle and dine in our alfresco food concepts curated to enliven your daily experiences.


The DiploMET is a synergy of the word Diplomat and The MET. Adorned with class and finesse, this grandiose lobby was crafted to make every business venture a regal affair. Home to an array of fine gastronomical experiences, The DiploMET caters to all your business demands - elevating  every executive decision


Akaria is an amalgamation of the word Akar and Ria. It is a space where all generations gather to explore a tapestry of experiences. It is the heart and soul of 3rd Space - a convergence of all your lifestyle needs.


Originating from the phrase Tiga Serangkai signifying the trilogy of life and embracing all of life's elements. It is a space designed for rejuvenation and wellness of our communities.


Befitting its name, the journey to Lagenda invokes a sense of anticipation and excitement. As it is perched 235 metres above sea level, Lagenda provides a 360º view of the KL city skyline which plays the perfect supporting role for the specially curated dining concepts that are sure to thrill your palette - The perfect peak to capture all of life's moments and celebrations.

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