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The DiploMET is a synergy of the word Diplomat and The MET. Adorned with class and finesse, this grandiose lobby was crafted to make every business venture a regal affair. Home to an array of fine gastronomical experiences, The DiploMET caters to all your business demands - elevating  every executive decision.



The hornbill is the majestic national bird of Malaysia. Just like the hornbill, the DiploMET is a personification of the majestic grandeur of 3rd Space.

24/7 Building Manager

Five Retail Spaces

Operable Windows 

Property Features

DiploMET lobby.png



The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation with a new approach to shopping that is centered around community, business, and culture. This new approach is rooted in the traditional Malaysian hospitality and aims to create a brand new epicenter of retail experiences. The goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that caters to the needs of the local community while also offering a platform for businesses to thrive and cultural events to take place. By prioritizing the community and creating a space that fosters a sense of belonging, the hope is to revitalize the retail industry and provide a unique and memorable shopping experience for all who visit. This new epicenter of retail will not only bring a new level of excitement and energy to shopping, but it will also play a critical role in the economic and cultural development of the region.

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