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About Triterra

Triterra Metropolis Sdn Bhd was formed out of the synergistic merger of Keystone and Impetus, two heavyweights in the property development industry.

Triterra is underpinned by three core pillars, which are: Stewardship, Relevance, and Sustainability. Driven through these core values, Triterra is dedicated towards delivering quality products and services that respond to the ever evolving needs of the community. The company's human-focused philosophy is ingrained into the very DNA of all Triterra’s projects, maximising the projects’ potential for all those who are affiliated with it.

About Us

Redefining retail through a brand new epicentre of community, business and culture - rooted in Malaysian hospitality.

The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation with a new approach to shopping that is centered around community, business, and culture. This new approach is rooted in the traditional Malaysian hospitality and aims to create a brand new epicenter of retail experiences. The goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that caters to the needs of the local community while also offering a platform for businesses to thrive and cultural events to take place. By prioritizing the community and creating a space that fosters a sense of belonging, the hope is to revitalize the retail industry and provide a unique and memorable shopping experience for all who visit. This new epicenter of retail will not only bring a new level of excitement and energy to shopping, but it will also play a critical role in the economic and cultural development of the region.

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